“Before I visited Chelsie for my acne problems, I had gone to countless other estheticians and specialists. Product after product, facial after facial, they had all given up on me, and were about to put my on Acutane. I visited Chelsie to get a product, and she offered her services to me. After only three months of seeing her for facials, I saw a significant difference in the quality to my skin like never before. After 6 months, it was like I never had a problem in my life. Along with Chelsie’s consistency, she is caring and listens, always checking up on me after a procedure to make sure I was doing well, and always interested in seeing if there was anything else I needed done. It is obvious that she loves her job and her patients, a quality rare to find in the professional world. Thank you Chelsie!!” – Amanda K. 

“Chelsie takes the time to listen to me and my skin concerns. She recommended a series of peels that would be beneficial and would require very little down time which was a plus for me!!!    She is amazing and true to her word.  My fine lines are so much softer and my skin care  products that she recommended are working even better than I anticipated. I can’t wait to see her again!!!!! – Kayelynn M.

“Chelsie is the best!! I’ve been going to her for almost a year now whenever I have something special going on and need to be extra tan.. I can always count on her to make me perfectly bronzed and picture ready.. I will NEVER go back to tanning beds again, she does an exceptional job!!”  – Sarah F. 

After getting my first spray tan with Chelsie I fell in love with how even my skin looked. She always takes such good care of me and makes sure I’m picture ready for whatever event or vacation i’m prepping for!” – Kelly H.

“A year before my wedding, I decided to do something about my facial scars and the constant redness in my face. By random chance, I met Chelsie and her enthusiasm for what she does was evident right away.  I found her knowledge and her confidence in that knowledge very reassuring, and I still do.  Chelsie has had her own acne issues and tries all of her products and procedures on herself first so she’s aware of what’s effective and can definitely empathize with my concerns and frustrations.  We started with Fraxel and now, 2 years later, we’re doing monthly facials. She never hesitates to suggest something new and is always making sure my skin doesn’t get “bored.”  Usually that means some sort of peel (insert groan here), but they’re so good for my scars and I appreciate her being aware of this.  She even checks in with me after we do something different, whether that be a peel, product or even, most recently, make-up. I haven’t met too many people who care enough to take a few minutes to do that. I’m very lucky to have met Chelsie when I did.  The redness has gone down, the scars are lighter and my wedding photos are nicer than they would’ve been.  Besides that, she’s just a cool, fun person to spend time with and I’m happy to know her!” – Christina F.