Spray Tanning

Our 100% natural solution will leave you bronzed and beautiful in just 10 minutes! The solution is applied to bare skin and bonds with the top layer of your skin’s surface, creating a rich, beautiful, natural tan lasting approximately 5-7 days. Perfect for Holidays, Events, Birthdays, Prom, Graduation, Weddings and More! Tanning parties and on site tanning services available by request.

Individual – $45   |  Package of 3 – $115   |   Package of 6 – $200

Private party and on site tanning – price per request


Tanning Tips!

  • Shave and exfoliate your skin the morning of your tan
  • Don’t apply any lotions or moisturizers prior to tan. This will allow the solution to absorb better!
  • Bring something loose and comfortable to wear after. NO SPANDEX OR TENNIS SHOES! If it is tight or clings to your skin, I wouldn’t wear it.
  • Avoid contact with water for the first 2 hours after your tan has been applied.
  • Continue to wash your hands with soap and water after. You will touch your skin without realizing it; until your first shower it can still rub off on your fingers.
  • Hydrating your skin from your first shower on will help to extend the life of your tan!


Q. If I get a spray tan, how long do I have to wait to shower?

A. I have 2 different solutions for my clients to choose from, the traditional SunFX solution that you sleep in and shower the next day. Or the Rapid SunFX solution that allows you to shower in 2 hours if needed!

Q. How long  will my spray tan last?

A. Your spray tan can last up to 7 days. It depends on how much you are in and out of water and how much you’re exfoliating your skin. Shaving counts as exfoliation and will bring your tan off faster!

Q. If I want to get my nails done, how long should I wait?

A. If at all possible, I would recommend getting your nails done prior to your tan. If done after, I would only recommend that you do a polish change.

Q. Can I get waxing done after I tan?

A. I would recommend getting all your waxing treatments done before your tanning appointment. Waxing after application of your tan will strip the area of color.

*All prices subject to change